The Court’s Closed on Christmas

Release Date: October 15, 2018
Format: 12” Vinyl EP / CD / Cassette
Label: Programme Sounds / Stonewalled / Underground Communique (No Time Records released cassette version)

Track Listing
Side A
1) The Court’s Closed on Christmas
2) In My Court
3) I Wanna Be A Squash Man
4) The Man In The Mask
5) I’m Not The One
6) Squashie


Engineered and Mixed by Pete Grossmann at Bricktop Recording from May to July 2018 
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege in July 2018 
Layout and Illustrations by Eric Baskauskas at Wall of Youth 

The Eradicator on this recording is: 

Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards – Andy Slania 
Guitar – Scott Thomson 
Bass, Backup Vocals – Ryan Bollis 
Drums – Danny Walkowiak 

Song 1 inspired by the rendition of “Frosty the Snowman” by Ella Fitzgerald. 
Song 2 based on the track “In My Eyes” by Minor Threat. Used with permission. 
Song 3 based on the track “I Wanna Be Sedated” by The Ramones. Used with license courtesy of WB Music Corp. OBO Taco Tunes. 
Song 4 based on the track “The Man In Black” by Johnny Cash. Used with license courtesy of Bug Music OBO Songs of Cash, Inc. 
Song 5 based on the track “I’m The One” by Descendents. Used with license courtesy of All Group, Inc. d/b/a Schwinn Tone. 
Song 6 based on the track “Goalie” by Atom And His Package. Used with permission. 

Song 1 written by Andy Slania 
Songs 2-6 originally written by my grandfather, The Grandfather of Squash. 
Songs 2-6 re-written with different lyrics, and made more popular by the artists mentioned above. 

Gang vocal appearances on The Court’s Closed on Christmas, I Wanna Be A Squash Man, and Squashie by Kendra Sheetz, Mike Slania, Stephanie Fitting, Pete Grossmann. 

Vinyl Pressing Information
1st Press
Test Pressing (Fest 17 Covers) - 30
Black - 300
Green - 100
Red - 100